ATAGearsLtdAlmost 80 year's experience, ATA specialises in the design, production and sales of customised spiral bevel gears. ATA has its headquarteres in Tampere, Finland. We deliver high-quality gears to marine, vehicle and heavy engineering industries worldwide.

Throughout its history ATA has been a company that cares for people. This means we serve our clients with high interest and take good care of our workers well-being. Appreciating humane values is the key to sufficient flow of work and satisfactory outcomes. This can be seen, for example in our well-developed technical customer services that provide comprehensive support for all situations. 

With us, customers and workers both can feel that they are in good hands.

Facts and Figures

  • Established: 1937
  • Headquarters: Tampere, Finland
  • Personnel: 210
  • Net sales: EUR 41 million (2015)
  • Exports: 60 %
  • Product range: Max outer diameter 3000 mm / 120 inches
  • Quality class: up to DIN 5 / AGMA 13
  • Application areas: Marine equipment, industrial applications